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Grief is one of the most powerful emotions anyone can ever experience. We’ll all go through it sooner or later, one way or another. People often associate grief with death, but it’s synonymous to loss, I think. It’s when you lose someone or something you love — be it through death, heartbreak or disappointment. Sometimes people choose to leave, or sometimes they don’t have a choice. Either way, there’s no escaping the pain that comes with it. Perhaps that’s the price we pay for loving someone so deeply?

It’s been two years since I’ve lost my father. After what we…

Half way through the Interaction Design Programme at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (“CIID”) — time to pause, reflect and share some of the many things I’ve learned along the way, so far.

#1 — To Think Of All Relationships As Teams

Having learned a precious amount on teamwork here at CIID, I’ve extended this to think of all relationships (both inside and outside the studio) as teams.


The sheer diversity in experience and background of the people who makes up CIID offered the perfect opportunity to think beyond my own discipline, and my own frame of reference as a result of my experiences.

A part of empathy…

Electronics was completely foreign to me, but in just a 5-day Electronics of Materials course with Hannah Perner-Wilson and Paula Te at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, I experienced the world of electronics from an entirely new perspective.

The Toy Piano Tear Down

A great introduction into the subject without diving straight into theory was the toy piano tear down activity. We learned through playing around with the instrument, followed by taking it apart to better understand how the mechanics worked. Such a tactile discovery process was particularly helpful to associate and draw connections between the science behind the electronics and the applied world.

New Materials & Swatches !

Snippets of the swatch book with materials such as carbon paint, conductive fabric and copper tape

Fei Kwok

Lawyer and designer, passionate about designing humane interactions that help us live more meaningfully. www.feikwok.com

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